IHere are some examples of before and after post production. The amount of colorgrading or manipulations  I use, is depending on what kind of mood I'm after. Usually when I shoot pictures, I already see the final result in my head.  Which camera setting I use, is always in relation to what I know I can do in edit. I only use my own custom presets and LUT`s.



This image is from a undercover police photoshoot with the Norwegian actor Henrik Plau.

Henrik was also one of the remaining finalists to play the role character Finn in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. 

The preparation for editing, was to place one speed light into the barrel to simulate light from the fire. A second speed light was placed behind Henrik to simulate a kind of moonlight/shine down a hole in this bunker. 



A  image from a bandshoot with the Norwegian band Åkerland. We imagined the sunset shoot would be the best images this day, but the backdrop turned out to be best a while after the sun went down. In this picture, I chose to use two speed lights on the same side for this final image.

MORK, Norwegian Black Metal


This is a image of Malignant from a bandshoot with the Norwegian black metal band MORK. This is shot in bright daylight, but I chose to shoot several steps underexposed to get a natural dark result. In post I gained the highlights and color graded with a dark green color. Not a standard black and white as often used in black metal. I think a dark colorized tone makes it more creepy and artistic.

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